Indiana Pastors Alliance
The Glory of God - The Good of the People



As pastors, we understand the spiritual nature of the battle we are facing for the soul of America. Behind the culture war is a spiritual sickness attacking the very heart of our nation. We need to repent. We need to humbly acknowledge our sin and return to the Lord. God, and His Word, must be returned to a place of honor and pre-eminence. Ultimately God, and not human government, is the source of our healing and the fountain from which our prosperity and blessing flow. We need revival in our churches and reformation in our nation. We all recognize the problem, but what can we do about it?  

We are convinced that pastors are the key to seeing a revolution of righteousness take place across America. The fuel for the fires of the first American Revolution came from biblically saturated pastors who stood boldly in their pulpits and courageously proclaimed God’s principles for liberty. They willingly took their posts as “watchmen on the wall” and became prophetic voices of both encouragement and warning. As a result of their firm, passionate leadership, the people turned to their pastors and clergy for moral strength, guidance, and direction.

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.
— John Adams

We believe the time is NOW to form an alliance of like-minded pastors and clergy who are committed to seeing spiritual awakening in our State and our Nation. The Old Testament nation of Israel provides a great model for our alliance. While there were twelve tribes, each with their own unique tribal distinctions, they came together for two purposes: to worship & to war. Yearly celebrations were established for the purpose of prayer and worship. And when their adversaries attacked, each of the tribes came together under one banner with one strategy to defeat the enemy.

This is our vision for the Indiana Pastors Alliance. What would the Lord do if we came together at strategic times for encouragement, equipping and prayer? What could happen if we took the time to build relationships with other Christian leaders who were praying and working together for spiritual awakening? What if we had a unified strategy and a single voice when confronting issues like the attack on traditional marriage, hate crime legislation, pornography, rampant sexual permissiveness, the undermining of a biblical worldview in our public schools, abortion, the attack on religious liberty and speech and a host of other evils that seek to destroy the core teachings of our Christian faith?  

The Indiana Pastors Alliance is here to offer our support and to minister to those in the front lines of this battle. We hope our organization and this website will assist you in your quest to provide your church members with the information and resources you need in order to have a positive impact on our culture.